A Step-By-Step Process of How Your Dental Crown Is Placed

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Dr. Jay Stucky will often recommend that you receive a porcelain dental crown if you have a tooth that is damaged by tooth decay or stands out from your smile. If you are curious about the process of receiving a dental crown, we can provide you with a step-by-step review of the creation and placement.

Our dentist will want to evaluate the tooth first to determine the quality of its health. This may include taking dental X-rays to ensure the inner structure of the tooth is healthy and strong. If the tooth is right for a dental crown, he will then remove the tooth enamel to create a post-shaped abutment comprised of the tooth root, pulp, and dentin so that we can anchor the dental crown in place.

We will then create a highly detailed impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth, which we will send to our dental lab to have the porcelain crown fabricated. Once the crown has been completed by the dental lab technicians we will call you for a follow-up visit to our office so that we can remove the temporary crown that was placed to protect the abutment, and then cement your permanent dental crown to your smile.

We encourage you to contact Hutchinson Family Dental, Jay R. Stucky, DDS, PA at 620-663-9119 if you struggle with one or more unattractive teeth and would like to learn more about the process of receiving a porcelain dental crown in Hutchinson, Kansas.