Got Questions About Toothaches? We’re Happy to Help

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Toothaches are, unfortunately, common in the world today, plaguing many people’s smiles. This is quite inconvenient and bothersome, especially because toothaches are very painful. Sometimes, if you don’t know much about toothaches, it’s tough to relieve, treat, and prevent them. So, if you have questions about toothaches, our dentist, Dr. Jay Stucky, is happy to help you by answering commonly asked questions.

What causes a toothache?
There are many things that could cause a toothache. One common cause is having something wedged deeply between your teeth or in the gums. Another cause is an infection in the gums or an abscessed tooth. A cavity or a crack in the enamel could also be causing the toothache, or, lastly, a sinus infection.

How can I relieve a toothache?
There are certain ways to relieve a toothache depending on the cause. If the ache results from something wedged between the teeth or in the gums, use floss to pry it out. You can also swish your mouth with saltwater to loosen the particle and remove any bacteria that might be threatening your smile. If your ache results from a more serious dental issue, like tooth decay, an infection, or an abscessed tooth, it’s important to visit your dentist for treatment. If it’s a sinus infection causing your toothache, it’s best to visit your physician.

How can I prevent toothaches in the future?
The best way to prevent toothaches is to keep up on oral hygiene. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing and rinsing daily, and visiting your dentist every six months. It’s also best to wear a mouthguard while you’re active so you can prevent oral injury.

If you have additional questions that weren’t included on this blog, or if you’re interested in knowing more about toothaches in Hutchinson, Kansas, please reach out to our dental team at Hutchinson Family Dental, Jay R. Stucky, DDS, PA. all you need to do is dial 620-663-9119 at your earliest convenience!