Toothbrush Care & Smile Care Go Hand in Hand

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You and your family work hard at making sure you brush for two minutes, twice a day (and floss once a day). But did you know that an poor toothbrush could render that effort much less effective? Here are some tips to make sure your brush is in tip-top shape.

First, make sure your toothbrush isn’t old. Toothbrushes should only be kept for 3-4 months before being replaced. This means you can get a new toothbrush every season of the year! Toothbrushes come in fun colors and styles for the whole family. Even adult sizes! Be sure to choose brushes with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This seal ensures you are getting a quality product that is both safe and effective. Soft-bristles are a must, and make sure the brush is the appropriate size for your mouth.

Second, never share toothbrushes, not even with your family. Not even once. Sharing toothbrushes can be very dangerous to your oral health, as it spreads bacteria, food particles, infection, and disease. If someone else uses your toothbrush, throw it away immediately and purchase a new one, following the above guidelines.

Third, make sure you are storing your family’s toothbrushes properly. They should be stored in open air as much as possible. If you must put them in a closed space–zip-top bags for traveling, for example–be sure to take them out and air them out as much as possible. If you need to store toothbrushes near other toothbrushes, be sure the heads don’t touch, as this can contaminate the toothbrushes.

Lastly, make sure you are supplementing your brushing habit with regular dental visits. This will catch dental problems early, as well as keep your teeth clean and fresh. If you are in the Hutchinson, Kansas area, contact Hutchinson Family Dental, Jay R. Stucky, DDS, PA for your next appointment! We can be reached at 620-663-9119. Dr. Jay Stucky and our team will be happy to help your whole family keep healthy smiles!